Getting Started with Montana Custom Beams

Your Journey from Vision to Reality
October 25, 2023 by
Getting Started with Montana Custom Beams
Mason Cottrell
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Embarking on a custom timber frame project is not just about the final product but also about the journey of bringing a vision to life. At Montana Custom Beams, we believe in the power of collaboration, transparency, and craftsmanship. If you're considering a partnership with us, here's a step-by-step guide on how our unique process unfolds:

1. The Spark: Initial Conversation and Information Gathering

Our journey begins with understanding your dream. Whether you have a clear vision or are seeking inspiration, our initial conversation aims to:

  • Capture your ideas and inspirations.
  • Discuss any sketches, designs, or reference materials you might have.
  • Understand your budget and time constraints.
  • Answer any preliminary questions or concerns you might harbor.

2. Laying the Blueprint: Project Manager Discussion

Once we've got a sense of your vision, our dedicated project managers step in to delve deeper into the intricacies of your project. During this phase, we:

  • Discuss in detail the project's scope and desired outcomes.
  • Evaluate the feasibility based on your requirements.
  • Draft a preliminary timeline for the entire project.

3. Committing to Craftsmanship: Acknowledgment and Initial Payment

As we prepare to embark on this creative journey, we formalize our commitment:

  • We present our service guidelines and transparent pricing policy for your review.
  • An initial payment of $5,000 sets the wheels in motion, signaling the start of the design process.

4. Aligning Visions: Project Chartering with Stakeholders

Every masterpiece requires collaboration. During our chartering activity:

  • We identify and engage with all stakeholders.
  • Set clear communication paths and project expectations.
  • Lay down mutual expectations for collaboration and feedback.

5. Breathing Life into Ideas: The Design Phase

This is where your vision starts taking a tangible shape:

  • Our experts create 3-D renderings based on our discussions.
  • We engage in iterative reviews to ensure the design resonates with your expectations.
  • Once finalized, we lock in the design drafts, ready for specification.

6. Into the Details: Specification Phase

Precision is paramount in our craft. During the specification phase:

  • We choose materials, finishes, and specialized joinery techniques.
  • Every dimension, tolerance, and technical parameter is meticulously documented.

7. Setting the Stage: Procurement Phase

With designs in hand, we begin preparations for construction:

  • We source and prepare the finest timbers based on our specifications.
  • A 50% project deposit at this stage ensures we have everything we need to start production.

8. Crafting Excellence: Production Phase

This is where our seasoned craftsmen bring your vision to life:

  • Joinery, assembly, and finishing processes are executed to perfection.
  • We keep you updated throughout, ensuring that the product is shaping up as envisioned.

9. Finalizing the Masterpiece: Balance Payment

As we near the end of our journey:

  • Upon completion of the production phase, we request the final balance.
  • This step signifies the culmination of our collaborative efforts.

10. Delivering Dreams: Delivery Phase

Your custom timber frame, a testament to our combined vision and efforts, is now ready to find its home:

  • We coordinate delivery logistics tailored to your convenience.
  • Our commitment doesn’t end here; post-delivery support ensures that your experience remains seamless.

At Montana Custom Beams, your dreams fuel our passion. Our process is a testament to our commitment to quality, transparency, and unmatched craftsmanship. Let's embark on a journey together, transforming ideas into enduring timber masterpieces.

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