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Precision-Crafted Timbers

          Made in Montana, USA

          Specializing in custom timbers ranging from 8' to 40' long and up to 24" wide. 


Beams up to 40' long and 24" wide.

Montana Beams has become our provider of choice. Having them prep our pergola packages for us has been a game changer. Projects take 1/3 the time to complete and the risk of mistakes on site is basically gone. 

David Mease • President of

We cut custom timber packages. 

No more units!

Why order wood you don't need? Our specialty is cutting custom packages for each job. 

Rough or Smooth

Our wood is available in our unique circle saw rough cut finish or smooth as glass.

Better wood

Inland fir has a tighter grain and is more stable. We can mix and match coastal and inland wood to suit each project. 

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Three Species to choose from.

Better Logs

Make Better Timbers

Air-Dried Timber

Custom Geometry

Building something precise?

We deliver custom ends to your specification.

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Kiln Dried or Green

Timbers can move as they dry. For precise outcomes we kiln-dry our timbers then re-saw them to within 1/32" 

Every Grain Counts

Inland Wood

Water is harder to come by this side of the Cascade Mountains. Trees grow slower and therefore have a much tighter grain than their Coastal counterparts.

Coastal Wood

Lots of water means lots of growth. When you need a very big timber, you're likely going with coastal wood. 

You can do it. 

It is going to be easier than you think!

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