Precision-Crafted Timbers

Made in Montana, USA

Specializing in custom timbers ranging from 8' to 40' long and up to 24" wide. Available in both rough circle sawn or S4S finish. Three different wood species. 


Beams up to 40' long and 24" wide

Circle Saw

For that rough cut finish your customers want

S4S up to 24"

Smooth as glass from our Stetson Ross Timber Sizer


Available Free of Heart Center or Box Heart specification where needed

Accurate to 1/32"

Our Cleereman Head-Rig is computer controlled for accuracy


We cut custom timber packages. 

No more units!

Why order wood you don't need? Our specialty is cutting custom packages for each job. 

Rough or Smooth

Our wood is available in our unique circle saw rough cut finish or smooth as glass.

Better wood

Inland fir has a tighter grain and is more stable. We can mix and match coastal and inland wood to suit each project. 

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